Brew by weight

Brew-by-Weight, or weight-based preparation, is an essential method for baristas aiming for precision in their brewing process and workflow. Utilizing a predictive drip algorithm, the La Marzocco Brew-by-Weight scale works in harmony with the espresso machine to automatically stop the espresso shot to the precise tenth of a gram. When paired with the Linea Mini, which delivers unwavering thermal stability and robust power, the synergy between Brew-by-Weight and Linea Mini delivers unmatched consistency in espresso brewing.

la Marzocco Brew by weight
Is My Acaia Lunar Compatible with La Marzocco’s Brew-by-Weight?

Only the La Marzocco Brew-by-Weight scale is compatible with the La Marzocco Home app. The currenct version of the Linea Mini as well as Linea Minis with Connected Boards are the only machines that are compatible. No other scales are supported.

How Does Brew-by-Weight Work?

The Brew-by-Weight system uses a predictive drip algorithm, enabling the scale and espresso machine to communicate directly and stop the espresso shot. Users set a target weight via the La Marzocco Home app. When the machine’s paddle is engaged, the scale automatically tares, and the scale and machine communicate, stopping the espresso brewing process precisely when the target weight is achieved.

Achieving the Correct Doses

We’ve developed specific firmware that includes “last drip prediction” and machine learning capabilities. As you continue to brew espresso shots, the scale learns and aims for the target weight in your cup with remarkable precision. As the brewing concludes and no additional drips are detected, the scale signals completion with three short “beep” sounds. With each brewing session, the final weight will increasingly align with the set weight.

how to connect your La Marzocco Lunar

What App do I need?

what app di i need?

Download the latest version of the La Marzocco Home app from the app store. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices and is free of charge. Use your existing account or create a new one to pair your La Marzocco Brew-by-Weight scale.

How Do the Linea Mini and the La Marzocco Brew-by-Weight Scale Communicate?

Communication between the La Marzocco Brew-by-Weight scale and the Linea Mini occurs exclusively via Bluetooth. The La Marzocco Home app requires a Wi-Fi connection to configure the doses (single, double, or a continuous flow mode), which are then relayed to your machine via Bluetooth. Once paired, the Linea Mini and scale will function without the app being open. Should you experience any issues with dose configuration, scale pairing, or achieving the desired mass in the cup, please reach out to us via our  Support request form .

Potential Bluetooth Connection Issues

Bluetooth connection challenges may stem from interference from other devices, an unstable connection due to physical obstructions, or compatibility issues with other devices. If you believe no other devices are causing interference, please contact us through our Support request form for assistance.

Troubleshooting Incorrect Weight Measurements During Extraction

If you encounter incorrect weight measurements, first ensure that the scale is stable, properly calibrated, and free from any objects that might interfere with measurement accuracy. Each brew cycle should culminate with three short “beep” sounds from the scale, indicating completion. If these steps do not rectify the issue, we encourage you to reach out to us via Support request form  Support request form for further assistance.

Sometimes, switching between bottomless and spouted portafilters may initially result in less accurate final weights due to differences in drip rates and dispersion. However, thanks to the scale’s “last drip prediction” and machine learning capabilities, it quickly adapts. You will notice the scale achieving greater precision with the desired weight in subsequent shots as it learns from each brewing session.

Unresolved Issues

For problems not listed here, please get in touch with us using our Support request form.

Providing a detailed description of your issue will enable us to conduct an effective analysis and assist you promptly.